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Gangster Binder Gujjar associate murdered over Newspaper distribution territory dispute

Jul 20, 2016

Kadarpur - Sector 56, Gurgaon: Binder Gujjar associate Ashok Sukha, a resident of Kadarpur Village, got shot dead in a dispute over Newspaper distribution territory.

Ashok Shuka was a Muscleman whose main source of income was to give a cricket ground (not his) on rent. The cricket ground was named Red Cricket Ground and occupies 3 acres of land in Kadarpur.

He was murdered at the age of 27, leaving behind a young wife and 3 children. The youngest daughter is just 7 months old, the son is 3 years old and the eldest daughter is 5 years old.


How the murder happened:

Nitin, a distributor of newspaper wanted to distribute newspaper in a newly build society but was not being allowed by Rahul, another newspaper distributor. This had led to scuffle between the 2 distributors many times. While Rahul is backed by a well-known gangster of new Gurgaon, Nitin had a relative who was backed by a gangster of Old Gurgaon (Binder Gujjar). Unable to distribute newspapers to his clients in the building, Nitin called up his relative Ashok Shuka.

As Ashok Shukla arrived, he tried to intervene in an ongoing battle on the ground where members of both distributors were engaging in physical tussle. Rahul, along with his 11 associates including Rajkumar, Dharmi, Arun, Praveen, Sukhbir, Jaypal, Karamveer, Ashok, Monu and Rohit - shot dead Ashok Shukla, with Rahul firing 5 bullets. 

The whole fight and shooting happened in front of police but police did nothing to stop it. Initially Sukha and his men beat up Rahul's brother a lot - which prompted Rahul to use gun.

A case has been booked against the 11, postmortem done, body handed over to the family and police is investigating the matter.


कादरपुर - सेक्टर 56, गुडगाँव: अशोक सुखा, कादरपुर वाले, जो की बिंदर गुज्जर से जुड़े हुए थे - उनका सुबह 8 बजे गोली मारकर कतल कर दिया गया| पूरा विवाद उनके रिश्तेदार नितिन और एक और गैंग से जुड़े राहुल के बीच, अखबार बाटने के अधिकार पर शुरू हुआ था| जब नितिन को राहुल ने 56 सेक्टर में एक नई बनी सोसाइटी में नितिन को अखबार बाटने से रोका तो नितिन ने अशोक सुखा को बुलाया, जो की नितिन के रिश्तेदार दे| बात यहाँ तक बढ़ी की राहुल और उसके 11 साथियों ने अशोक सुखा पर 5 गोली चला कर उसकी जान ले ली|

यह सारी घटना पुलिस वालो के सामने हुई मगर पुलिस ने इस लड़ाई को रोकने की कोई कोशिश नहीं की| सुखा और उसके साथी पुलिस के सामने राहुल के भाई को बुरी तरह पीटते रहे - जिसके बाद राहुल ने बेकाबू होकर गोलिया चलाई|

अशोक सुखा व्यवसाय के तौर पर एक 3 एकर की जमीन क्रिकेट मैदान के रूप में किराए पर देता था| वह तो 27 साल की जवान उमर में दुनिया से चला गया, लेकिन पीछे छोड़ गया एक जवान बीवी - जिसे 3 बच्चे पालने है| इनमे से सबसे छोटी लड़की तो केवल 7 महीने की है, जभी लड़का 3 साल का और सबसे बड़ी बच्ची 5 साल की है| 


Gurgaon News knowledge for readers: News distribution business is big business. When one distributes a pamphlet in a newspaper, one pays from 25 paise to 1 rupee per pamphlet for distribution, depending upon the area. So a newspaper distributor earns anywhere from Rs 300 to Rs 900 per month per family by distributing these newspapers. Suppose a society has 5000 flats - that an earning of Rs 50,000 per day to Rs 1,50,000 per day for newspaper distributor.

Last modified on Monday, 25 July 2016 10:37
Sagar Hindustani

Sagar Hindustani is the founder of Gurgaon News. A trained biotechnologist and an MBA, he left a settled business life to become social entreprenur.

Sagar observed that news organizations have converted into a sugar-coated factories of profit and no longer serve the purpose of being mirror as well as a guiding force to society. He founded Gurgaon News with focus on covering news that shows truth, with the goal to take the country forward.

Website: www.sagaryadav.com

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