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गुरुग्राम में न्यू कॉलोनी मोड़ पर आज शिव सेना ने नरेन्द्र मोदी का पुतला फूंका|

पुतला फुकने से पहले उन्होंने मोदी के पुतले को चुडिया पहनाई, बिंदिया लगाई और lipstick भी लगाई|

ऐसा क्यों किया - यह जानने के लिए देखिए नीचे दिए गए videos को:







Media Note by Shiv Sena:

शिवसेना गुरुग्राम के द्वारा आज मोदी जी की पुतले को बिंदी काजल लाली लिपस्टिक लगा कर श्रंगार किया गया और चूड़ियां पहनाई गई।
3 साल में 300 से ज्यादा सैनिक शहीद हो चुके है और कश्मीर में रोज सैनिक पत्थरबाजों के पत्थरों का शिकार हो रहे है। हाल ही में सीमा पे 2 सैनिको की हत्या कर उनके शव के साथ बर्बरता की गई उनके सिर काट कर ले गए। और मोदी सरकार सिर्फ कड़ी निंदा तक ही सीमित है। कहा है वो 56 इंच का सीना कहा है वो वादा जब मोदी जी कहते थे की 1 के बदले 10 सर लाएंगे। आज देश उनसे 20 पाकिस्तानी सर मांग रहे है। आज सरकार को अंतरास्ट्रीय मंच पे पाकिस्तान को आतंकी देश घोषित करने की मांग रखने से पहले खुद को मोस्ट फेवर्ड नेशन का तगमा हटा कर ये समझोता एक्सप्रेस और लाहौर बस सेवा बंद करनी चाहिए। पाकिस्तान उच्चयोग को वापिस भेजना चाहिए और सभी प्रकार का व्यापार बंद करना चाहिए।
अगर ऐसा नहीं किया गया तो हम खुद आगे आ कर दिल्ली से लाहौर जाने वाली बस सेवा रोकेंगे।
आज इस मौके पर जिला प्रमुख गौतम सैनी, सुमित महिपाल अमित चिंटू पवन राहुल मोनू रोहतास आदि शिवसैनिक मौजूद रहे।

जिला मीडिया प्रभारी


Date: 30 March 2017. Venue: The Wine Company, Gurgaon


THE BARBARIC COMPANY- Where wine isn’t the only red liquid flowing

Last night my friends Ishant and Siddharth were looking for a place to spend the evening with their NRI friend, Rahul, who had just come to India from London for an investment in a business endeavour. Having heard a lot about The Wine Company at DLF Cyber Hub, they decided they’d head there. Little did they know that such an innocuous decision would have such dire consequences.

They arrived at the outlet around 10pm and were done by 12.30pm at which point the bill was called for. There were inconsistencies in the bill which was brought to the attention of the Manager. A heated, yet cordial argument over the same ensued. The establishment was scheduled to shut by 1 am and the entire staff was getting involved. Finally the error was acknowledged and rectified by the Manager, and the corrected bill was presented and paid off, with my friends heading towards the door by 1.10am, as can be clearly viewed on the CCTV footage.

Seems like there was a misconception in the company staff, as the Manager tried to stop one of the friends by grabbing their arm, and when the individual tried to release himself from the strong grip of the Manager, around 8-10 highly aggressive, seemingly uneducated and brutish bouncers, decide to take matters into their own hands, and viciously jumped them NOT with the intent to restrict them, but rather to cause heavy and grievous harm.

Does it take 15+ people to “restrain” 3 cooperating men? After throwing punches at them and taking turns in the assault for over 15 minutes wherein the waiters also joined the assault for what can only be described as their own amusement, when they weren’t yet satisfied, they even broke several bottles on them. In a calculated move one of the bouncers picked up the sharp broken shards of glass from the bottle and attacked my friend leaving him with a Life Threatening deep cut on his neck. �Seeing the blood and fearing the CCTV footage, the barbaric group then dragged them on the floor outside the restaurant premises into the DLF CyberHub’s promenade, to what seemed like a blind-spot in the CCTV surveillance. The attack continued and the group was only satiated when my friends were left lying helpless on the floor in a pool of blood and one of them managed to call the Police.

3 customers were beaten horrifically for around 20 minutes by more than 15 people who should’ve ideally been there for their safety and service. Instead they were beaten with bottles and even when on the floor were stamped on and kicked repeatedly. No assistance was provided by bystanders, or by the DLF security (DLF should take responsibility and ownership of activities occurring inside their compound). 

They left the establishment that night, not with a warm stomach and happy mind as customers desire, but rather with their bodies severely bruised by the punches and kicks thrown at them. Despite not fighting back, (and even being incapacitated and overpowered) in what can only be considered an attempt to murder, one of my friends had 2 bottles smashed over his head and severe lacerations only millimetres away from his jugular vein causing heavy blood loss. Another had multiple teeth knocked in while yet another had fractured bones amongst other injuries.

The establishment ofcourse is under heavy CCTC footage with several internal cameras, but have only provided to footage from the camera facing the table where the incident only started (yet verifying their account) and have not shared access to the footage of the remaining cameras that would have captured the gruesome incident, as they know that it would be extremely damaging for the establishment.

Luckily, however, unknown to them, one of the CCTV cameras positioned in the open external area of Cyberhub has captured the ruthless attack and can be viewed objectively. The footage, which clearly shows 15+ individuals including the bouncers, waiters and even MANAGER(!), teaming up on the 3, has been recovered and handed over the Police who have been extremely helpful in navigating through this and filing the required complaints for further criminal action.

Wine Company has to take ownership for the action of their employees, and cooperate in clearing the matter, which they seem the least interested to do. The professionalism of this entire attack is to be noted. Being premeditated and calculated, I shudder to think if this was just the first time and even worse, will it be the last time for this sadistic and inhumane lot.

Note: The above is a replica reproduction of a Facebook post with pubic access. We hve not poduced the news.

शिव सेना के नोटिस में लिखा हुआ है :


आप सभी चिकन के दुकानदारों को सूचित किया जाता है

कि नवरात्रि और हर मंगलवार अपनी दूकान ना खोलने का कष्ट करे|


ऐसा ना करने पर पुलिस पर्शासन एवम सामाजिक संगठन द्वारा कार्यवाही की जायेगी|


कृपया आप समाज का सहियोग करे|



A public Facebook post by a girl to Uber has opened up a can of worms about women safety practises and seriousness about such issues in the Uber company.

Even though the girl reported to Uber an incident about secuirty problems in their cab, associated with one particular driver - Uber didn't follow-up with the girl despite promise to do so.


This is how the Facebook post of the girl read:

This is my last experience with Uber. Today morning I booked a cab for my residence at Mehrauli to my office at Gurgaon, Udyog Vihar phase I. Immediately after the driver picked me up he started giving undue attention and asked me if I am going to my office and where do I work. I got suspicious at the moment and in order to avoid his questions, I started talking over the phone. Once I started speaking on the phone, he increased the volume of the radio to the maximum, however I didn’t confront him as I didn’t want any arguments. Then, when I stopped talking over the phone he started to ask me creepy questions like; “Madam, where do you stay and where are you from? Do you stay alone? Aap Delhi se nhi lag rhe ho, itna bhi kya narazi hain, aap kuch bhi nhi bol rahe ho?” 
Then I asked him to be professional and do his own work. Suddenly he started driving very rash and was about to hit a car. When I asked him to drive properly, he told me “should I hit the other car (gadi thok du kya dusre gadi mein, tab aapko pata chalega”…I told him that I’ll make a complaint against him. He then, asked me to get down from the car in the middle of the road and I had to literally get down from the car in the midst of the traffic. Once got down, he started following with the car. He kept on following me for 2-3 minutes and then something clicked in mind and I have pretended like reading the number plate of his car and complaining someone. He then drove away. 
I had to walk till the Sultanpur metro station and booked a different cab. The story doesn’t end here. In the meantime, I wrote a feedback to Uber explaining about the incident and got a pop up that they will call me. I got a call within 2 minute, however couldn’t pick up as I was about to give the OTP to my OLA driver. Once I reach office, I called in the same number as advised by my friends and resent a feedback to Uber in written. I asked the person if he is from Uber and he was first confused and then told me he was from head office. When I was about to complaint, he interrupted me and told me that the driver has made a complaint against me. I was really furious and narrate him the entire incident. However I didn’t feel that I was talking to someone in customer service, it seems to me that I was talking to the same driver. At last when I told him that I am going to make a police complaint, he told me the same driver will not come to pick me up again. I tried to explain him that how it can be disastrous if the same person picks other girls and there can be an incident in the future. However, he didn’t listen to me and told me he had spent enough time talking to me. I told this incident to one of my colleague and he also listen to my recorded conversation with the Uber person. My friend told me that it can’t be any professional who has called me, but it has to be the driver himself or any of his friend. Then, my friend called in the same number and asked who it is; he replied that he is a Uber driver.
Two things that worry me is that-
1. What happens to the safety of a female passenger? What if the driver comes to my place and disturbs me again as I am pretty sure he can do anything.

2. The driver's reply clearly states that he doesn't care whether you complain to Uber or not. Because he is pretty sure Uber is not going to take any action against him. What happen if he will involve in something serious in the future. From the experience of my 20 minutes encounter with that shady person, I am very confident that he is capable of doing anything to a girl. 
I have been a loyal customer of Uber from last one year as I don’t use any other taxi services other than Uber and I am really anxious to know if Uber is cautious enough to be more vigilant and avoid any future risk by not roping in the same person. 

Below are the details of the cab and the person. 
Driver name - Sandeep (9015198372). Maruti Suzuki Ritz 

Please see the below screenshot for the driver details

Assam girl commits suicide in Gurgaon after alleged torture by employers:

A large number of domestic help, mostly from northeastern states, protested at the Sushant Lok police station demanding the arrest of a couple — residents of Carlton Estate in DLF Phase 5 — on charges of abetting the suicide of an 18-year-old woman employed at their home.

Ranjitha Brahma, who belonged to the Boro community in Assam, was employed as a domestic help at the apartment of Rohit Mehta, a top executive with a multinational banking company, on March 9. She reportedly jumped from the 11th floor of Tower 4 of the complex around 11 pm on March 10, police said. Brahma was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared brought dead.

On a complaint by Ashok Narzinari, a person known to the deceased, police booked Rohit Mehta and his wife Sonal Mehta under Section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the IPC

The post-mortem examination report said Brahma died due to multiple injuries, mostly in the head. A member of the medical team said samples have been sent for forensic tests to find whether she was intoxicated or sexually assaulted.

More than hundred domestic help and workers from Northeasters states gathered at the police station on Sunday afternoon and held a protest till evening. They demanded “justice for Ranjitha”.

While speaking in Dausa, Rajasthan - Highways Minister has announced a bonanza for Haryana and Rajasthan.


A super-expressway with max-speeds between 150 to 200 kmph will be constructed starting from outside Gurugram and ending outside Jaipur.

This will be the fastest road-transport corridor in the whole country. 


The alignment of the highway has been identified and the land aquisition process is to begin soon.


13 पर murder का इल्जाम साबित हुआ – 18 पर rioting का| 17 मार्च को होगी सजा की घोषणा|

Thirteen accused have been held guilty of murder whereas 18 are convicted of rioting and other crimes under various sections of the IPC. The quantum of punishment will be pronounced on March 17.



13 Maruti workers have been convicted under the following provisions-
302-punishment for murder of life imprisonment or death sentence
307-attempt to murder-life imprisonment
436-mischief by fire or explosive substances. Punishment of 10 years to life imprisonment
427- mischief- 2 years or fine or both
325- punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt- 7 years imprisonment or fine.

4 workers have been convicted with
452- house trespass after preparation-7 years
147-rioting-2 years or fine or both
148-rioting with deadly weapon to cause death- 3 years or fine or both
149-unlawful assembly in furtherance of a common intention- punishment is that of the offence

14 have been convicted with:
323-voluntarily causing hurt-1 year imprisonment or fine or both
325-voluntarily causing grevious hurt- 7 years and fine
427- mischief- 2 years or fine or both
148-rioting- armed with deadly weapon.

The computation of punishment will be declared by the Gurgaon trial court on 17th of March, 2017. 117 workers after serving 2-3 years in judicial custody were acquitted.

Captain Abhimanyu - the taxation and excise minister of Haryana has declared that the license fees for bars and pubs will be raised by 20%.


  • People in Haryana will have to shell out 20% more for liquor with the new excise police
  • Those living in Gurugram excise zone will have to pay more for drinking in pubs and bars
  • The licence fee for pubs and bars has been increased from Rs 12 lakh to 15 lakh per annum
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