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The Odd Woman Out : Meet Gulesh Chauhan. I was bowled over meeting a female cab driver on the streets of NCR.

I was all exhausted and little sad going out on sales call in Gurgaon, as it was so sunny outside. I was thinking on how life is so complicated for women’s in this world. It’s very hard to manage both personal and professional life. I kept thinking and thinking on this and then I booked a cab and was amazed meeting a woman in her 40’s driving a cab on not so safe streets of Haryana. The moment, I stepped inside the cab. GULESH CHAUHAN smiled and said “Hi mam! kaise ho? I took the front sit with her and told her, how good it is to see a woman driver offering cab services all over NCR.

This lady is so beautiful, confident and energetic. She knows how to carry a conversion and was wearing a continuous smile on her face. Usually people blame women’s for not driving so well. But I am sure, if someday, you meet this lady you will start believing that even women’s know how to drive. Her flawless driving sense, bowled me over. A lady wearing salwar suit with her head covered with duppatta. She is very humble, down to earth and she feels proud for what she is doing.

So we started talking and she told me about her losses in life. She lost her husband in an accident just few years after her marriage and was burdened with responsibilities of her son’s upbringing. She has a son named “DEEPAK” and a mother who is a cancer patient. She had a very loving husband, and if he would have been alive would have never wanted her to work, but life and death, both are uncertain. She had no other options and she wanted to earn and take care of her family by doing something respectable. She learned driving and it has been 2 years, she is driving on streets of NCR. She hails from Indrapuram.

She struggled hard to choose driving as a profession, as relatives and our society started pointing fingers on her, telling: It’s not safe for a woman to drive late night and even during days. But she refused to listen to any such opinions and advises that she presumed will become a blockage in her life.

According to her “Everyone has their own life, people say many things, but everyone has to fight their own struggle. After I lost my husband, who loved me unconditionally, how can I rely on anyone else? I enjoy what I am doing and I am not ashamed for what I am doing. Every woman should make her own existence because life is strange. You never know, what god is planning for you. But one should be strong enough to face all the obstacles and live happily with what they have. 

With her sparkling eyes and a confident voice she said, I offer cab services to men as well, and by the grace of god, I have always met gentleman and good people, complimenting me for what I am doing. Not all men are bad. World is beautiful, life is beautiful. It’s just one should keep in mind, whatever happens, well or not so well, we should not stop. Rather than crying over the spilt milk. We should live in the present and enjoy every moment of life.

When asked, aren’t you afraid sometimes of something unfavourable, if happens to you? She very beautifully said, “If it’s going to happen will happen even if you are sleeping inside your bedroom, we can’t stop moving ahead thinking negative every time”. Life is to move on. 

Gulesh Chauhan: A lady with iron veins. Hat off to you! When I asked her about her views on women empowerment, she said “I don’t want to compete with men, I only want to do what is good for me, my family and the society” If my driving skills are going against the societies norms, that’s their problem not mine. I am doing a respectable job as per my qualification, within my reach. Gulesh Chauhan! You are a true example for women empowerment.

May god bless you! You are very inspiring and you just made my day. Good luck and keep driving.

Light & Peace,

Time Buffet is a new concept introduced by People & Co., where you pay for time rather than food you consume.

Diwali being the time of giving, members of Gurgaon Connection, a Gurgaon based expat group gave a visit to the underprivileged at Earth Saviours Foundation.

L'Opera, a French pastry and bakery house, inaugurated its 13th outlet on Ocotber 3 at Two Horizon Center on Golf Course, DLF 5.

MDI, Gurgaon: Blood Donation camp by NTWS on 4th August at MDI Gurgaon 
52 units collected

MDI, गुडगाँव: MDI के छात्रों और अध्यापको ने NTWS द्वारा आयोजित रक्त दान शिविर में बढ़ चढ़ कर हिस्सा लिया|
दिया दान 52 यूनिट रक्त|

Umeed foundation celebrated friendship day in old age home sec 4 Gurgaon, with it's senior most member Shrimati Raj Rani and junior most member Bhumi Singh Batra and Ms.Neha Rastogi.

These members distributed snacks and fruits among the people of old age home.

For friendship day - they tied friendship bands also on their wrist and spent a lot of time with them.

From Uma ji, "All are mental disable people there. Some sang song and some of them danced with us. Really it was the best friendship day of our life and these are the unforgettable moments spent with them."

Source: inputs from Uma Singh, Umeed Foundation

The 17th edition of CEOs Sing for GF Kids brought together eminent CEOs to celebrate more than 1000 kids that have been saved by Genesis Foundation.

Kochi, Kerala: Dravya Dholakia, at 21 years of age knows more about poverty than most of the middle class, even though he is the only son of a generous billionaire.

Savji Dholakia, his father is owner of Hare Krishna Diamond exports, a company worth Rs 6000 crores with branches in 71 countries. Savji Dholakia is a generous billionaire, famous for giving houses and cars as diwali bonus to his employees.

When his son Dravya Dholakia returned from USA after doing his MBA, his father took his quiz, asking him what he knows about the poor. On discovering that his son does not understand the life of the poor - he asked his son to live like a poor for a month, earn for himself like a daily wager and understand the reality of life while respecting the hard worker and know value of a job.

Dravya the father gave Rs 7000 to Savji the son and asked him not to spend this money except for grave emergency. He further asked the son not to use any mobile and hence sent the son to Kerala peniless to Kerala to do odd jobs and earn a livelihood for one month. Not only this, he put condition on son not to do a job for more than 1 week, in order to understand the vale of a job.

The son worked on many odd jobs, including that on a bakery, at McDonalads, and at a shoe shop. Moreover he faced a lot of rejections while asking for jobs to do. He faced 60 rejections before getting a job on the 4th day of search.


कोच्ची, केरला: खरबपति पिता ने अपने 21 साल के लड़के को बताया आटे दाल का भाव| 

सावजी ढोलकिया 6000 करोड़ की company के मालिक है और उनका कारोबार 71 देशो में फैला हुआ है| यही नहीं वह बहुत दरियादिल भी है जो दिवाली बोनस में अपनी company में नौकरी करने वालो को देते है हजारो गाड़िया और सैकड़ो मकान|

उनका लड़का द्रव्य ढोलकिया जब विदेश से MBA कर हिंदुस्तान लौटा - तो पिता ने बेटे को एक महीने के लिए गरीब मजदूरों की जिन्दगी जीने के लिए कोच्ची, केरला भेज दिया|

बेटे की जेब में पिता ने 7000 रुपये रख दिए यह कहकर - उसे एक गुमनाम जिन्दगी जीनी है - खुद कमाना और खाना है, मोबाइल तक नहीं दिया और कहा - 7000 रुपये तभी खरच करना जब बहुत बड़ी आप्कड़ा हो|

एक हुकुम यह भी दिया की वह लड़का कोई भी नौकरी 7 दिन से ज्यादा नहीं करेगा ताकि उसे नौकरी की कीमत समझ में आ सके|

पहले 4 दिन द्रव्य ढोलकिया को भूखा प्यासा रहना पड़ा क्योंकी खाने के लिए वह 40 रुपये तक नहीं कमा पाया| 4 दिन में उसने 60 दिनों तक नौकरी तलाशी और निराशा ही हाथ लगी|

एक महीने में लड़के ने गरीब की जिन्दगी का सच सीख लिया| उसने महीने में 4000 रुपये कमाए और कई नौकरिया और काम किये - जैसे की जूते की दुकान पर, एक बेकरी पर और एक McDonalds पर|

Gurgaon News views: 

Every Indian Business family and middle class family should have some connection witht he poor of this country and should have the understanding of the poor. The father-and-son dup has done a great work and has set-up and example in front of all of us. 

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