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Residents of Sector 40, one of the oldest residential areas of Gurgaon, on Saturday staged a demonstration to draw attention of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) towards the crumbling roads. More than 100 residents gathered at Sector 40 market around 9 am and held the protest till 5 pm. Residents alleged that as they were forced to travel on the pothole-riddled roads, and three women suffered miscarriages in last six months. “Recently one of the residents fell off from her scooter and her pregnancy was aborted. This is a serious issue and authorities should wake up and take prompt action.

The protestors said the civic authorities have not built proper roads in the residential area even 20 years after its development.Further, there is a sewerage overflow in the sector and the authorities have turned a blind eye to their complaints.


सेक्टर 29 थाना परभारी ने किया पद का दुरूपयोग और नियमो का उलंघन| पड सकती है कानून की गाज|

अब देखना यह है की हरियाणा सरकार करती है थाना परभारी के खिलाफ कार्यवाही या फिर लोगो को फिर खडकाना होगा अदालत का दरवाज़ा| गलत नोटिस issue करकर अपने ही जाल में फसे सेक्टर 29 के थाना परभारी|

सेक्टर 29 थाना परभारी लोकतंत्र की हत्या करने में इतने व्यस्त हो गए की उन्होंने कानून की ही धज्जिया उडा दी| KOD Scam के खिलाफ शांतिपूर्वक तरीके से पर्दर्शन करने से रोका समाजसेवियों को|

SHO Sector 29, Gurgaon Police, violates law, to curb peaceful protest:

# Date of protest is wrong, mentioned 2007 instead of 2017

# SHO has no power to ACT for NOTICE, DSP level required for the ACT of NOTICE in this regard

# sector-29 police station SHO has done violation by issuing the notice

# The notice had to be sent within 48 hours but it was sent in afternoon, on the day of protest (Notice came in afternoon as protest was in evening) ...

# The letter wants to stop a protest against ongoing SCAMS related with Kingdom of dreams and the current Haryana Government..

# Democratic peaceful protest against scam not allowed by SHO.

# No reason mentioned on why a peaceful protest cannot be held

# Mr. Harinder Dhingra will file RTI applications and seek prosecution of the SHO in this matter...

He is the real hero.. believs in giving,sharing and helping others..Gurgaon news salute you for your great contribution towards these small kids, who are helpless,needy people....
गुडगाँव न्यूज़ आपको सलाम करती है | # Manish Rao


The view of village 'Tigra' near 'Shamashan Ghat' from last 1.5 to 2 years the main water pipe line is broken. Such garbage and sewage (guttar) water producing bacteria and dirt... complain were registered by villagers but no action has been taken yet...


तिगरा गाँव नजदीकी सम्शंघात मे पिछले 1.5, 2 साल से गटर की पाइप लाइन टूटी हुई है! जिससे बहुत गन्दगी बेक्टेरिया होते है! गाँव के लोगो को बहुत परेशानी होती है! लोगो ने complain की पर अभी तक कोई समाधान नहीं मिला




 The view of village tighra public has to face many problems from last  5 to 6 months… No response from MCG... Appeals to Mr. Satyaprakash to get it done he gets transferred...

विलेज तिघरा मे लोगो को बहुत परेशानी आरी ह सिवराज ओवर फ्लो क कारन एमसीजी का कोई जवाब नही मिल रहा ! पिछले 5 6 महीने से है ये परेशानी! 





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