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A School Van drivers helping students get to school A School Van drivers helping students get to school

No School Vans from April 1: Minister stands with RTA

Written by  Mar 05, 2017

The school vans - as we know it is the ubiquitious form of transport in Gurgaon for ferrying school children to the schools.

They are considered to be safer than shared autos, government buses and other forms of transportation that are at disposal of school children parents. Moreover - it is cheaper than school buses - as schools usually charge through the roof. And as it has been seen that school buses are also not as safe as they are projected by the schools.

But the reign of the humble school van is about to come to an end.


RTA Gurugram has passed orders to bring an end to this mode of transportation. In panis, a hap-hazardly body (union) of school van drivers has been created - that's running from pillar to post.

On meeting Rao Narbir Singh,, the PWD minister of Haryana - the minister refused to give them any leeway. 



It all happened because a bus of Amity International School got on fire. According to allegations made by the school students - neither the bus had any fire extinguisher nor did the drivers and conductors helped the children in the file. The school children further alleged that the fire-exit door was closed from outside - preventing them from using it. It is only when outsiders heard their plea that the fir-exit doors were opened by people and students rescued.



While RTA did not take any action against Amity in this case - it lapped upon the opportunity as another excuse to make the already filthy rich schools of Gurugram a shot richer. 

In the name of improving the checks on school buses - it made a committee consisting of the members appointed by the schools themselves. Something makes them believe that employees and owners of the schools who do not follow the rule are going to come to the RTA with reports that they are not following the rule. Try to take your head around that!

And in a complete surprize move - a huge crackdown has come on the school vans. Meanwhile the Gurugram Police happily allows shared black-autos to dangerously drive with school children inside. GOD SAVE GURUGRAM from the moronic moves of the administration.


It is to be seen that those who cannot afford to send their children to school via school-buses; how do they cope up with the new challenge. And if shared autos come to the rescue - are they going to safer than the school vans in anyway?

Amity International School Bus Burning
Last modified on Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:53
Sagar Hindustani

Sagar Hindustani is the founder of Gurgaon News. A trained biotechnologist and an MBA, he left a settled business life to become social entreprenur.

Sagar observed that news organizations have converted into a sugar-coated factories of profit and no longer serve the purpose of being mirror as well as a guiding force to society. He founded Gurgaon News with focus on covering news that shows truth, with the goal to take the country forward.

Website: www.sagaryadav.com

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