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I had complained about the massive water leakage from the water line in sector 10 on dated 7/7/2016 to both MCG AND HUDA, respective complained no are as follows huda-000000114311, mcg- 20167076681 . But ,till date nothing has happened. One interesting outcome of the complain is that both the huda and mcg are disowning to sector 10. Huda says it has been transferred to mcg whereas mcg says it's still with huda.

But, burning question is in their infighting we the people of India are suffering, our precious resource ie potable water is getting waste.
Further , since it's the breeding season of life threatening mosquitoes like dengue, a case for health emergency is also in the offing. Further, leakage is not at a single point but it's at multiple points, which is forcing me to believe that something is amiss either in the workmanship or in the quality of material which was used at the time of construction.
In addition to that our sewerage system is also incomplete as it is not linked to the main sewar line due to which in every monsoon it backfires. This can be ascertained with the photographs attached with this letter.

report by: Rinku Yadav 

कोई सुध नहीं ले रहा सेक्टर 10 के लोगो की समस्याओ की| समस्याए इतनी की एक किताब लिखी जा सकती है|

मगर फुटबॉल खेली जा रही है सेक्टर 10 के निवासियों के साथ| नगर निगम किक मारके लोगो को HUDA की तरफ भेज देता है - और HUDA वापस किक मारकर बेचारे लोगो को MCG की तरफ भेज देता है|

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