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Sector 40, Gurgaon: Tyres of brand new car were stolen in Sector 40, parked opposite house number 385 P, on the intervening night of 16th and 17th July.

Due to sparcity of police presence and very less police per capita - it has become a headache for police also, which is unable to stop such incidents. 

Gurgaon News requests it's readers to suggest us ideas on how to improve car security and prevent tyres from being stolen.


सेक्टर 40, गुडगाँव: नई कार के टायर चोरी , रात को सेक्टर 40 से किए गए| गुडगाँव शहर में यह अब आम बात हो चली है|

आपके सुझाव चाहिए की इसे कैसे रोका जा सकता है|

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