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In what has come as a shock to all the online readers of an online post at Facebook, Dr. Rajiva Ranjan of Asha Multi Specialty Clinic, Sector 40, Gurgaon; has been accused of grave offence of sexual harassment.

The victim has reported the case of harassment to the clinic which has removed the doctor from it's panel.

The victim Radha (name changed) reached the doctor after searching on online platform Practo, and gave the feedback of her experience of harassment to Practo, however, Practo only showed the feedback today. As per Practo, they take upto 48 hours to display a feedback and there is no alarm button or feedback escalation or filtering method where a feedback can be processed on priority in case of victimization. As per the company, "Practo is an online cum app based directory of doctors that rates doctors according to feedback, verifies their certificates - and as an online platform they have the required checks and balances, however to have a policy regarding sexual harrasment by doctors is not in their current scope of business." 

It is also to be noted that MCI itself has cancelled too few lincenses of doctors despite complaints - when compared to developed countries who take strict view of such complaints.

Meanwhile, the victim will follow up with the procedure and register an FIR regarding the same. Gurgaon News has also written to Medical Council of India, regarding their procedures of cancellation of the doctor's license. We are yet to get a reply.

While online platforms like Practo do provide some facilities to the patients - like searching the doctors, one should take their recommendations with a pinch of salt. With lack of guidelines regarding such online platforms by MCI, and no oversight - the room for manipulation of feedbacks and influencing doctor's ratings by such platforms is huge. Moreover - a lack of alarm button means that a predator could victimize multiple patients by the time Practo processes the feedback.


Here's the replica of facebook post by the friend of the victim:

I feel very disturbed right now and need everyone's support to get what I want. I need an officially recorded apology today from DR. RAJIVA RANJAN who works at ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC, SEC-40, GURGAON.

Yesterday somebody very dear to me had chest pain since early morning. She went to Medanta where she got her ECG done. Fortunately, all the reports came out to be normal. 
However, the chest pain was still there. Thus, in the evening she decided to visit a physician DR. RAJIVA RANJAN in ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC in SECTOR-40, Gurgaon . There, she was sexually harassed by this doctor. He did the following things:- 
1. He did not use a stethoscope to measure the pulse. 
2. In the morning Medanta reports the person's BP was very high, but, DR. RAJIVA RANJAN did not think it was important to check the BP. 
3. According to his procedure, all he did was, call a lady attendant in the room. 
4. Without her permission, he started to examine her (My close person's) breasts beneath the clothes. 
5. He copied all the medicines mentioned in Medanta prescription and prescribed the same. 

My close person had no idea if the doctor was doing what is correct. She found this very strange and consulted a lady gynaecologist in the same clinic to verify if pinching the nipple is part of the procedure. After talking to the gynaecologist, she got furious and filed a complaint in ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC against DR. RAJIVA RANJAN.

Since the morning, there has been no action taken against RAJIVA RANJAN by ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC.

Today morning, my close person consulted a senior lady consultant from Artemis, explained her everything related to the chest pain and the incident which took place in ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC. These were her words:- 
"THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NO BUSINESS WITH THE BREASTS TO EXAMINE A CHEST PAIN. It would have made sense only if you had went there for a breast pain. And it is clearly not a heart problem since the ECG is normal."

Then, my close person observed how the lady consultant examined her. It was done in the following way:- 
1. She used a stethoscope above the clothes and also checked the pulse rate. 
2. She checked the BP. 
3. She asked to do certain muscular movements and diagnosed that it was a muscular problem.

This man, DR. RAJIVA RANJAN is a pervert who justified himself saying, "pinching the nipple was important to check the heart rate."

I am raising my voice on behalf of everyone who may go through this or might already have, thinking it is a part of the procedure. THIS IS WRONG. NO DOCTOR HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH YOUR BREAST OR NIPPLES WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

This clinic, ASHA SPECIALITY CLINIC is associated with many schools, AND Dr. RAJIVA RANJAN is a very big concern for the school children.

I want DR. RAJIVA RANJAN's license to be suspended.


Gurgaon News has reached out to MCI over this issue, and clearly asked if they have a policy regarding sexual harassment by the doctors. Also their relies regarding policy framework, guidelines and supervision for online platforms is seeked.

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