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इस्लामपुर, गुडगाँव: एक भाई ने audio recording की है जिसमे सोहना रोड स्तिथ KTM का शोरूम धांधली में लिप्त नज़र आ रहा है|

यह भाई  भी इस शोरूम की धान्द्ली का शिकार है| इन्होने एक KTM RC 390 bike accident के बाद ठीक करवाने को दी थी जो 3 महीने से शोरूम वाले नहीं लोटा रहे है|

audio recording के मुताबिक 2 तरह से यह शोरूम ग्राहकों को लुटता है:

1. यह शोरूम बाइक ठीक करने पर लेबर का खर्चा अविशवसनीय रूप से बढ़ा चढ़ा कर दिखाता है|

2. यह शोरूम पुराने साल की गाडी भी नए साल की बताकर बेचता है|


Islampur, Gurgaon: If an audio recording by a victim of Sohna Road, Gurgaon showroom is to be beleived - it is clear that Sohan Road Showroom of KTM is full of illegal and unfair practies that may either lead to closing down of showroom or spoiling of KTM Brand.

The audio recording is done by a buyer of KTM RC 390. His bike has been given for reapir (post an accident) at this showroom and has not been delivered back to him even after 3 months.

The showroom makes excuses of lack of availablity of spare parts regarding the same but the audio sting clearly points out to malpractises at the showroom.

1. The showroom makes heightened unrealistic claims of labour costs to insurance companies - which becomes a dispute area and hence the vehicles get stuck indefinitely.

2.  The showroom seems to be indulged in selling 2015 chassis bikes as 2016 chassis.

The whole sting audio recording has raised questions over KTM quality and procedure control and transparency in it's showrooms across India, and leaves the question in consumer's mind: "Is KTM showroom at Sohna Road, Islampur, indulging in scams?"


Note: we will contact the KTM company for their responce to this sting.

Update: We have contacted KTM company and are awaiting their responce to this news story based upon an audio sting.

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