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Fortis Staffer sexually harassed Iraqi Girl

Written by  Jul 18, 2016

Fortis, Gurgaon: A case under section 354A (sexual harassment) of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Sushant Lok police station against the Fortis staffer.

After getting out of hospital, the girl did not complaint. After going back to her country, she forwarded the complaint to her embassy and embassy has forwarded her complaint to police.

Fortis has dismissed one staff member regarding the same and told that the staff member was temporary and on contract.


गुडगाँव: फोर्टिस हॉस्पिटल में स्टाफर ने किया इराकी लड़की का यौन शोषण|

complaint के मुताबिक, लड़की को बिहोशी के injection लगाने के बाद यह staff member आकर उसके private parts चुसता था| लड़की को एक दिन कुछ होश बाकी था जब उसने इसका एहसास हुआ|


गौरतलब है की Fortis, Medanta और गुडगाँव के बाकी नामी अस्पतालों में इस तरह की घटना से बचने का कोई इंतजाम नहीं है|


Gurgaon News Knowledge:

ना ही hospital वाले Emergency Ward में मरीज के परिजनों को घुसने देते है और न ही कोई camera और screen लगा हुआ है जिससे परिजन मरीज पर नज़र रख सके|

इसके जो दो नुकसान होते है:

1. मरीज को तब तिल्बिलाहत होती है तो परिजनों को पता नहीं चलता और कई बार nursing staff परवाह नहीं करता - जिसके कारन इलाज़ में नुकसान होता है|

2. कई मामलो में योन शोषण की शिकायत भी आई है| अधिकतर मरीजो को बिहोशी की दवाई दी जाती है जिससे उन्हें कुछ पता नहीं लगता| लेकिन कभी कभी मरीज को कुछ होश होता है|


In big hospitals of Gurgaon, the relatives of patient are not allowed inside the emergency, not is there any camera and screen installed from where relatives can monitor the situation of their patient.

This leads to 2 consequences:

1. The relatives are unable to monitor the health of their patient and hence cannot inform the hospital when they see an immediate need of the patient. Sometimes there is negligence is observing patient by staff nurses, who are one to many patients, and hence the patient treatment suffers - leading to death of patient in certain cases.

2. Many times there is complaint of sexual expoitation. Mostly it happens after the patient has been given sedatives and is unable to make out what is happening. However, in rare cases patient is aware of exploitation.

Last modified on Thursday, 21 July 2016 08:08
Sagar Hindustani

Sagar Hindustani is the founder of Gurgaon News. A trained biotechnologist and an MBA, he left a settled business life to become social entreprenur.

Sagar observed that news organizations have converted into a sugar-coated factories of profit and no longer serve the purpose of being mirror as well as a guiding force to society. He founded Gurgaon News with focus on covering news that shows truth, with the goal to take the country forward.

Website: www.sagaryadav.com

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