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Man dies after 2 hours of treatment at Medanta, hospital charges 3.75 lakhs

Written by  Jul 18, 2016

Medanta, Gurgaon: A patient entered Medanta premises and was treated for 2 hours. This treatment could not save his life and he was declared dead. But what Medanta came up with was a bill of Rs 3.75 lakhs.


This bill could put any 7 star hotel to shame. 

Karanpal experienced heart-pain and was admitted to Medanta at 12:30 in the night. By 2:30 AM, the family was already informed that Karanpal is dead. However, they were not allowed to collect the dead-body. The hospital asked to cough up 3.75 lakhs rupees to hand over the dead body, to which a bill was prepared and put up.

On seeing an exhorbent fictionous bill - the relatives started protesting. Soon villagers known to relatives thronged Medanta to which Medanta called the police.


Police negotiated between hospital and relatives and body was handed over to the relatives after payment of an undisclosed amount.


मेदानता, गुडगाँव: करनपाल के दिल में दर्द होने पर परिजनों ने उन्हें मेदानता में रात 12:30 बजे भरति कराया| रात 2:30 पर परिजनों को सूचित किया गया की करनपाल स्वर्ग सिधार गए|

परिवारवालों को शव लेजाने से मना किया गया और कहा गया पहले 3.75 लाख का बिल दीजिए - फिर शव को ले जाए| इतना भारी बिल देख कर परिवार वालो ने सफाई मांगी जो उन्हें नहीं दी गई|

जब सुबह हो गई तो परिवारवालों ने गाव के लोगो को सूचित किया, जिसके बाद गाव वाले मेदानता के बाहर पर्दर्शन करने लगे| कोई अप्रिय घटना न हो इसके लिए मेदानता ने पुलिस को बुला लिया| 

पुलिस ने बीचबचाव करते हुए, एक गुप्त रकम मेदानता को पकड़ाकर - शव को परिजनों के हवाले किया|


Gurgaon News viewpoint: This is not the first case about Medanta's billing practise. We propose a clear billing system where people are able to see much before what they are being billed for.

Last modified on Monday, 18 July 2016 21:41
Sagar Hindustani

Sagar Hindustani is the founder of Gurgaon News. A trained biotechnologist and an MBA, he left a settled business life to become social entreprenur.

Sagar observed that news organizations have converted into a sugar-coated factories of profit and no longer serve the purpose of being mirror as well as a guiding force to society. He founded Gurgaon News with focus on covering news that shows truth, with the goal to take the country forward.

Website: www.sagaryadav.com

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